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Save the Environment

In the adequate increase in demand and paper and its products day by day and keeping the view of global warming on our environment we have focused only on eco friendly recycled fibre. In the current scenario we opt for 100% recyclable fibre for our production process. We want to go with the GREEN EVOLUTION. We use 100% recycled Waste paper as our basic raw material to manufacture all our grades of Paper products. And the same is being procured within the state and from nearby states.

Jothi Speciality Paper's concentrates mainly on quality products by its day to day up gradation to new technologies and regular quality checks with continuous modernization of manufacturing process. Even every employee will have the awareness how to bring the global warming effect and deforestation. The prime consideration is given to prevent the air pollution and water pollution which comes out of our regular production process.

Production Department

We have a dedicated team facility to check the quality on hour to hour basis which ensures that the quality parameters are met at all times during production. The production facility has the latest and widest technology with streamlined processes and has the capacity to meet the growing requirements on Eco friendly products.

We have streamlined production process and process of every order has got complete visibility at all point of customer order execution. We have developed a good team expertise to handle all the process.

Production Method

Today, however, after the metamorphosis, they are worth about Rs. 4, which is only insignificant compared to the trees saved, environment preserved and waste recycled. Welcome to the world of handmade papers! "Handmade papers have long life and are pollution-free, wood-free (a tonne of paper requires around 270 trees of eucalyptus or 460 bamboos), generate employment and above-all inimitable," says P. Mani, who manufactures such papers in Erode.

Mani buys knitwear waste from Tirupur knitwear companies. "I buy both coloured as well as white waste in tonnes by paying between Rs. 9 and Rs. 15 for a kg." He soaks the waste cloth in water prior to putting them in a tank, which has a beater to turn it into a pulp.

The pulp obtained is next transferred to a tank, where it is agitated using an agitator every 30 min. From the tank, the watery pulp is poured over a metal sieve and evened out manually. As the pulp is spread over the sieve, water flows out through the pores, leaving a layer of pulp, which is transferred to a cloth.

The process is repeated a number of times until many cloth-paper sheets are obtained. They are then compressed in a hydraulic press, where the sheets shed about 30 per cent water, after which they are taken out, dried and later hanged from a rope for further drying.

In the process, when the pulp is in the agitator tank a number of ingredients are added for special effects such as grass, straw, wool, silk, jute, banana fibre and ceramic. The pulp along with these, when gets spread on the sieve, merges to form a mosaic in paper.

The sheets are then cut and made into a long list of products: envelopes, carry bags, visiting cards, letter pads, files and folders, CD pouches, pen stand, photo albums, photo frames, lamp shades and almost anything and everything that is an example of a stationery product in paper.

Labour Cost

Mr. Mani says he has been selling them to exporters, big stores in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and other metros. "People prefer the products for their aesthetic appearance and eco-friendly tag, unmindful of it being a trifle costlier." He says the paper manufacturing is labour intensive in that a sheet takes involves 11 persons from mixing to drying stage. "About 60 per cent of the cost goes towards labour, most of who in the factory are women," says company manager Vijayalakshmi.

In keeping with the eco-friendly and labour-intensive tag, the Khadi and Village Industries Commission has recognised Mr. Mani's unit.

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