Handmade cotton rag paper with Plantable seeds embedded into it.

The function of Plantable seed paper: When Plantable seed paper is placed on top of the soil and watered, it will germinate and begin sprouting seedlings. Eventually, the paper will decompose and leave the seedlings to grow into mature plants.

Carrot seed

Chilli seed

Holy basil or Tulsi seed

Marigold seed

Seed along with grass and flower petals

Seed and flower petal

Tomato seed

Best Use for Calligraphy, Digital Print, Screen Print, Letter press, Craftwork, Packing

Additional Information 

  • 100% cotton, Acid-free, lignin-free, and Tree-free Paper
  • Size available in 22x30 inch(56x76 cm) and 24x34 inch(61x86cm) or cut down to preference
  • Thickness(GSM): 90-400 GSM and above
  • Colours: Available in bespoke colours