How Waste Cotton cloth becomes "Sustainable cotton paper"

Nearly 500 tons of cotton waste have been produced by textile industries in a day in Tirupur and they do not reuse the cotton textile waste in their future process. So they dump the waste in a place and that leads to pollution as well as landfill. So we planned to create an Eco-value addition to the environment by reusing unwanted cotton waste from textile industries as well as diplomat deforestation. 


Jothi Speciality Papers is an eco-friendly and pollution-free industry. We are certified under The Global Recycled Standard (GRS ).GRS is an international, full-product certification given to companies that meet stringent criteria for recycled content, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions in the manufacturing of their products

Environmental advantages from Jothi Speciality Papers: Free from waste pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, and air pollution.

About Jothi Speciality Papers

Jothi Speciality Papers (JSP)  started in the year 1996. We make 100% Eco-Friendly cotton rag paper which is 100% Tree-Free and Acid-Free. Our cotton paper is 100% Biodegradable, 100% Sustainable, and 100% Recycled.  JSP is a part of Eco-Makers by Reusing unwanted cotton cloths into sustainable cotton paper and again creating the cotton paper as soil friendly which is 100% Bio-Degradable and Compostable.


Industry Sustainability

Raw material: we source 100%cotton waste from textile industries and use it as raw material.

Water Treatment Process: post-production water is recycled and used for future production processes.

Drying Process: JSP doesn’t use any advanced drying process that creates air pollution as well as consumes more wood in the boiling process. So we decided to go with the Traditional Sun-dry process which creates natural drying to the Cotton paper and this creates or adds value to the cotton paper.

Why use Sustainable Cotton papers

100% Tree-free which makes the most eco-friendly form of paper around and It is also 100% recycled and Bio-degradable, Acid-Free and lignin-free

Handmade Cotton Rag Paper gives more durability compared to conventional Paper.

It has greater tensile and it won't inhale ink, watercolor, and paint while drawing, coloring, and printing.

It has double-fold strength compared to conventional paper.